Our goal:
Is to help you to de-stress, relax and maintain your health by balancing your mind and body. We assist you in developing the tools to withstand the stress of everyday life and rise above it by creating a safe and nurturing haven where acceptance and compassion is cultivated.

Our method:
Our teachers have a personalized approach to yoga focusing on individual well being and relaxation of the body, mind and soul. All of our highly trained and caring teachers are keen to assist anyone needing direction or information and are open to comments, ideas and feedback.

Our classes:
We have many classes to choose from for varying levels, and as we believe that yoga is for everyone, we’d like to assist you in finding the practice that suits you. Our classes foster Sangha (Community), as well as compassionate enquiry of your own path.

Ashtanga: Is a system of yoga transmitted to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009). This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures – a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.

Beginner Yoga: This class builds your foundations to join any style of yoga.

Gentle Yoga: A mindful, soothing and energizing class with emphasis on being present in your body, breath and mind. Alignment, inward focus and hands-on assisting are tools used in this class.

Hatha Yoga: Hatha yoga refers to a set of physical exercises (known as asanas or postures), and sequences of asanas, designed to align your skin, muscles, and bones. The postures are also designed to open the many channels of the body—especially the main channel, the spine—so that energy can flow freely. Hatha yoga is a powerful tool for self-transformation. It asks us to bring our attention to our breath, which helps us to still the fluctuations of the mind and be more present in the unfolding of each moment.

Hatha Flow: This class is a more dynamic version of the Hatha Yoga class where the transitions between asanas (postures) are more fluid and aligned with the breath.

Kids Yoga: These yoga sessions teach kids the basics of yoga, aids better body awareness, self-control, flexibility and coordination. Yoga can help kids and teens carry these skills beyond class into their daily routines. Imagery and music are used as motivational tools in the Kids classes. This class is interactive and great fun!

Kundalini Yoga: An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras. The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.

Mummy and Baby Yoga focuses on strengthening the spiritual, emotional and physical bond between parent and child. Using interactive, slow-moving postures the class is ideal for mummies and babies newborn to crawling age. Mummy/Baby Yoga will help carry you smoothly through the busy early months of caring for a new baby.

Mummy and Toddler Yoga builds on Mummy and Baby Yoga but is targeted at the next phase of baby’s development and growth process, namely toddlers.

Power Yoga/Power Flow: Geared toward yogis who are more familiar with slower paced classes and looking to move up to power flow classes. You will work on the vinyasas/chaturangas, alignment of standing postures and practicing a faster-paced transition through a flow series, but with a more foundational level of postures.

Power Vinyasa is an intermediate to advanced level vinyasa-based practice that trains the mind and body to communicate in the most efficient way possible through visualization, breath and internal awareness in order to empower the practitioner in maintaining a focused and stabilized practice of highly dynamic sequences.

Pre & Post Natal Yoga is designed to reduce the aches and pains during and after pregnancy in a nurturing and supportive environment. We will focus on special breathing techniques, opening of the hips, preparing the body for birth and assisting the body to recover post birth.

Roll ‘n Release: A combination of MFR (myofascial release) and Yin Asanas. Each week we’ll target a different body area which needs deeper focus than a traditional Yin class offers. Using foam rollers, ball rolling techniques, targeted stretching and manual manipulation to achieve the deepest, most soothing opening of the body. Great relief for headaches, office shoulder syndrome and unhappy hips. Brandnew and tailored to your needs!

Stretch ‘n Snooze/ Yin Yoga: Encompasses long held, static stresses of the deep connective tissues allowing them to be remodeled. The intent is to maintain or improve the current state of health to optimal levels. These yoga classes target the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of asana practice.

Yin Flow: A combination of gently flowing asanas and deeper held yin stretches. It is a soothing way to open the whole body while giving some extra love to hips, shoulders and spine.